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Auf dieser Seite wird Ihnen ein perfektes Programm für die Abwicklung von Bridgeturnieren angeboten. Es ist u.a in der Lage, Ihre Turnierergebnisse mühelos ins Internet zu transferieren.
Siehe Beispiel Mallorca, unten. Das Programm ist kostenfrei, Sie müssen nichts zahlen. Siehe Hinweise auf der Startseite.

This page offers you the download of a perfect PC-program for all aspect of a Contract-Bridge tournament. It includes the publication of event-date in the internet, see example Mallorca, below.
There is no money involved, you do not have to pay any money. Contradictionary items in the true programm are not valid, keep a copy of this webspace.

Click here for download


S C O R E R # 1 (german versions see below)

This program is bilingual. Setup of program-details on start page.

Is this Scorer#1 more useful than the actual used by you ? The only way to find out is download and experiment.

Der Deutsche Bridge Verband (DBV) hat einige im Netz angebotene Score Programme überprüft und zur Verwendung freigegeben.                                                                           Siehe hierzu www. Bridge-Verband.de/static/scoreprogramme.
Hier ist auch der Scorer#1 genannt.                                                                                                 The DBV has evaluated some of the offered scoring tools for the use in german competitions.
The scorer#1 is mentioned there (2012).
The action/s of any dupilcated-bridge organisation is based on actual opinions of leading people inside of these orgasisations. But things change, and the only way to find out the best solution is to experiment offered tools, in this case duplicate bridge scoring programms.

Paul Hauff, Nov.2012.

This is a printout aspect of the Scorer#1 start-page.


D E T A I L S.
This system  is  shaped to provide maximum information to the individual player.  Operated are:

Team of Four events, Pair-IMP events (Butler), MP-Pair events, Total-Point-Score events.

Methods of scoring may be determined by the TD ( Law78D). There are several methods of calculation in use, mainly: reciprocal, unilateral, bilateral, zero-score-reciprocal .          Managers have the opportunity to compare their own system to other systems. 

reciprocal gives MP/IMP to the looser as difference between top-value and the IMP/MP given to the winner.     Unilateral regards any board as a unit.       Bilateral regards a board as two units: the left and the right side.     zero-score  uses for each competition  the  numerical score for both sides: 50 to 7600 for the winner and 0 (zero) for the looser.The effects of each methods    are shown by click in configuration.

All results shown in a board must be treated with equal conditions, else results can not  be compared.

                          C O M P O N E N T S   

P r e p a r i n g:  Shop for new and old movements - Generating deals  and  immediate   transfer to current boards; Prints movement cards.  Clubpoint/masterpoint device, clubs        own system possible.
Options for system of winner finding includes “classic MP event”

R e a l i s a t i o n: Input of  "scores only" or "all game data (i.e. N-1NT,+1)" has automatic calculation of scores.
input by stratification and other classes;  Sit-in-tables-automatic,
Immediate print-out of all pages/statistics; Each Input alters all calculations and results (run time based);
Instruction manual (internet);

A f t e r    e v e n t    a c t i o n ;  additional data  input anytime;
devices for showing results and other relevant data in the internet;
transfer of all event data to the PC of players;
Playback of real played boards (virtual table).
Inter-club competition via internet.
View of played boards during instruction/lessons,  incl. relevant screenshots.
Tranfer of all data to HTML and/or “Excel”: window based  unlimited storing             (bookkeeping, taxes).

S p e c i e s   o f   e v e n t s

1)   Match point tournaments conf. LAW 78 A
      Strategie: better - equal - inferior

2)   IMP pair tournaments (Butler)
      Strategie: make high score, which will be transformed to IMPs

3)   TP pair tournaments ( Total Point Scoring) conf. LAW 78 C
       Strategie: TP net

T e c h n i c a l   d a t a :
Operating system is “windows 95 >> xp“
Effect of input of each data:  storing and reshape of all results/statistics.
No loss in  case  of  power failure.
All data may be controlled  in detail.

Scorer#1 operates Tournaments by  §78 A und C ; ~ 14 MB

B r i d g e   d a t a:
This software is based  on the 2007LAW
and operates the 2008RLAW as well


Sample1 Mallorca MP 2002-11-30

to see boards in homepage ( Tool HTML)

D E U T S C H E     V E R S I O N

In Vorbereitung
Das Programm selbst ist zweisprachig:  E,D